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35 Years Experience

Traffic Lawyer | Local Attorney

Rouhy J. Shalabi & Associates is a local law firm that serves the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. Among other areas of law, our attorneys are experienced in traffic violations. 

When selecting a traffic attorney, make sure your lawyer is familiar with your local jurisdiction. Selecting an attorney that is familiar with the local laws and ordinances of Cook County, Will County and Dupage County will stack the chips in your favor.

Traffic courts are often crowded. Our attorneys offer a familiar face to the people that administer procedure in your local jurisdiction. We have been providing legal services for 35 years in Cook County, Will County and Dupage County. 

Saving your license is our number one goal when it comes to traffic cases. If you currently have a license, we strive to maintain your good work by keeping convictions off of your record. In the event that your license is suspended, we work to get it cleared so that you may continue down your destined road.

No case is too small or too big. Our clientele is representative of all social and economic classes, all of which share the same laws and argue in the same court houses. Our wide range of legal expertise ensures that our clients are well served. Furthermore, our 35 years of experience has earned us many professional relationships in the various counties in which we represent clients. 

You can trust the attorneys at Rouhy J. Shalabi & Associates to guide you through your traffic case.

If you are seeking a local traffic attorney to assist you with any area of traffic law, then contact us today!


Rouhy J. Shalabi & Associates is a law firm that began under Rouhy J. Shalabi and continues with the assistance of his son, Jawad R. Shalabi. Together, their goal is to provide top-quality legal services and traffic law representation to their clients.

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